Do you want more of the same, or better?


No matter whether you’re a small or large organization, religions, non-profit or business, research shows that acquiring knowledge, skills and competencies through traditional training results in 5 – 10% retention. Even when people retain what they’ve learned, it doesn’t mean they can and will apply it!

Using a unique blend of training, facilitation and coaching, our onsite Personal Development Workshops are different from standard training courses or traditional group workshops. Bridging the ‘knowing/doing’ gap, our programs:

  • Provide a more effective, supportive and challenging learning experience – small group size, maximum 12 people
  • Are tailored to your business and your people’s specific needs
  • Provide proven strategies and techniques that are quick and easy to learn, apply and sustain
  • Are fast-paced and highly interactive – learn by doing
  • Include powerful accountability and commitment techniques to ensure your people apply what they learn
  • Enable your people to help and coach others within your organisation