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Researchers have long known that there is a strong link between stress and overall health. Year after year, findings from the Stress in America™ survey have reinforced this research. Participants’ responses have revealed high stress levels, reliance on unhealthy behaviors to manage stress and alarming physical health consequences of stress — a  combination that suggests the nation is on the verge of a stress-induced public health crisis. Data from the latest Stress in America survey suggest that the concern about stress and health is especially critical among adults 50 and older who serve as caregivers for a family member and those who have been diagnosed with obesity and/or depression.

The Fruition Group is focused on helping individuals and groups

  1. Discover the purpose & direction of your life
  2. Understand who you are and why you are here
  3. Know and pursue what really matters
  4. Have a sense of freedom and responsibility to do what is right
  5. Become authentic and kind in relating to others
  6. Develop the resilience to survive anything life throws at you
  7. Live a vital and fulfilling life in all circumstances.

We are experienced in helping people in their lives personal journey, and when appropriate help make the journey more interesting by interjecting the perspectives and experiences of others