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As retreat masters, our team has created and conducted dozens of retreats for various groups.

A retreat is to withdraw from your everyday surroundings, pull away from your regular routine and seek out a place of rest and refuge.  A retreat is not a “workshop” where you’re seeking to learn or improve on an understanding, but rather a special time, to ponder a personal issue that matters to you.

In a religious context this involves spending quality time with God, focused more intently on him than we tend to be in the midst our busy lives.

This often involves at least some amounts of silence, solitude and prayer as we spend time seeking God.

Retreat is taking out time from our regular routine, leaving behind the problems of our busy materialistic world to seek a place of rest and refuge. This provides an opportunity to think more deeply about what is going on in our inner lives.

Thinking religiously, retreat is all about spending time with God and focusing more on him. It often involves prayers, silence and solitude. Here are some of the retreat types we’ve given:

Individual or personal Retreat

This kind of retreats can be done on your own without interacting with anyone. There are two types of personal retreat- private and directed. The time span can be fixed by the individual himself and if required spiritual guides can be called for the administration.

Small and Large Group Retreat

Small group retreats involves few different people counting anything in between five to ten retreating together. When a dozen or more people are together, then it’s hailed as a group retreat.


Meditation Retreat

This is a spiritual experience that offers every individual a chance to realize, learn and incorporate the practice of meditation in their lives.

Silent Retreat

It’s a unique retreating system which comprises the act of remaining silent during your entire session or at least most of the time. The degrees of silence in this retreat are of varied proportions. Sometimes you can meet the retreat-expert over silent meals or only participate in some seminar during the session.

Guided Retreat

Guided retreat involves the guidance of a person such as a counselor, preacher, psychic-director or a retreat director. This kind of retreat is practiced generally to deal with specific problems or issues in life or by people who are new to such sessions.

Religious Retreat

Religious retreats facilitate the chance to be away from the stress of daily life and get closer to the inner peaceful soul. This session refreshes, rejuvenate and revitalizes your body and mind.

Giving importance to a spiritual retreat can help re-connect with your inner self and develop a better divine awareness of the world around you. To find the deeper meaning of life and uplift your inner spirit, indulge yourself in some of the spiritual retreats today.